The Weekly Get Down: Uncertainty, Jordan Memes, and Squad Goals

The weekly get down

When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” – Bianca Bass

Happy Saturday my people! I’m so happy we made it to the weekend. This week started off rough for me. I came across this Forbes article though, which gave me a boost of encouragement: “The One Uncomfortable Feeling You Must Experience In Order To Be Successful.” The article is all about uncertainty and is definitely worth a read. I particularly loved the last few sentences and want to share it with you all:

People often believe that when they’ve lost their “plan,” their knowing of what’s next that all has fallen apart. They look back often to realize that their lives were really just beginning… and in embracing what they didn’t know, they found a life that was greater than what they could have previously imagined.” Amen to that.

Now on to the get down!

What I’m thankful for: Friendships in the midst of COVID-19. Here in Ohio, we’ve been social distancing since March. So to be quite honest, I haven’t physically seen ANY of my friends since March or even earlier. That changed this week when Clara, one of my med school buddies came down. One last hurrah before residency starts and things get crazy. We had fun hiking and catching up, while keeping to all safety precautions of course.

What made me laugh this week: Jordan memes y’all! If you’re on Twitter, you already know. The Last Dance documentary offered some quality Michael Jordan memes and had me cracking up during the week.jordan memes

What inspired me: A friend of mine invited me to do a Bible devotional with a few of her friends and it definitely inspired me to do better with my relationships. The devotional plan is called “Squad Goals” on the Bible App. It talked about giving more than you receive, encouraging one person every single day, being willing to have tough conversations and more. I’m just like ahhh, call me out, pleaaaase! Yep inspired to do better. Shout out to my girl Starling for inviting me to do the devotional #Squadgoals


What I’m loving: I recently bought this lockable jewelry cabinet that’s also a full length mirror. I absolutely LOVE IT! Possibly my best Amazon purchase during this pandemic. I also bought some LED lights separately to attach to it. Gotta get that good lighting to get flawless makeup, feel me? Here is the link to purchase the cabinet mirror. Link to LED lights I bought as well. jewerly organizer

What I’m reading: This week I finished More Than Enough: Claiming Space For Who You Are (No Matter What They Say) by Elaine Welteroth and I loved it! I will definitely be posting some of the quotes on here as time goes on. So. Many. Gems. She also just got married last week, so huge congrats to her. Even with this pandemic, “Love could not be cancelled.” YAAAASSS! So here for it. Link to her amazing book here.

more than enough

What I’m listening to: Less trap music, more uplifting music was the theme this week.I’ve been listening to “Selah.” a playlist curated by BomaCurates and it just hits y’all. Like she describes it, “[these songs] are reminders that God is transforming us day by day.” Two of my favs on the playlist are Silver & Gold and In Due Time. The second isn’t even a song, but I’ve had it on repeat – “He makes all things beautiful in its time.” – Ecclesiastics 3:11. Amen to that.

spotify listen

What I’m watching: I didn’t watch much TV this week, but on wednesday, the American Medical Association held a virtual celebration for the medical graduate class of 2020. They had so many notable speakers – leading physicians in the country and some of the popular TV doctors – Dr. Fauci, Melinda Gates, Dr. Atul Gawande, Regina King and so many others offering words of encouragement and wisdom. I truly felt honored. You can watch the celebration here.

What I learned I could do better: Making decisions without polling so many people. Y’all this is so hard, but it truly makes no sense polling so many people on a decision that directly affects me (not others). The inability to act without seeking approval is just bad and comes across as not being confident enough to make my own decisions. This, I need to do better.

One goal for next week: video call a friend. I want to put into practice the things I’m learning from my devotional – a video call, a tough conversation, an encouraging word, application is the goal.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday!

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