Well hello stranger.

It has been months…scratch that, almost A YEAR, since the last time I wrote here. Apologies for the absence. I write in a private journal frequently, which makes it easy to neglect this blog. I promise to do better!

There are so many updates! Updates on my job, life after college, the med school journey, and my fitness/ start-up business. So here we go:

Med school journey

Drum roll please….I submitted my app!!! Praise be to God! The AMCAS application opened up for submission on June 3rd at 9:30 AM, and I submitted on June 3rd at 11:38 AM. I was playing NO games! My application hasn’t been processed yet however, because they are still waiting on one more transcript, but yes my part is done for now.

The journey to get to that submission point was a bit stressful, I’ll confess. I started working on my application the day it opened up. That was May 1st. I completed my first draft on May 15th and then began working on my personal statement. With my personal statement, I was confident in my writing skills but it took a while to get my story polished and presentable. I literally worked on that statement everyday until June 2nd. I ended up with 10 drafts. I also had about 11 people read it. Yes, I know doing the MOST. Not all 11 individuals provided feedback though. The most helpful people were my two mentors (one a doctor, one who just graduated med school), two friends of mine in med school, my parents, two of my closest friends, and a friend of mine who blogs for the NY Times. I feel really blessed to have such remarkable people to help me with this. Their guidance really helped me create a personal statement that I felt proud to submit. I must admit though, my story is quite unique as well. I’ll talk about my AMCAS application in future posts. Look out for it.

My job

As I mentioned in previous posts, I work as a Research Coordinator. It’s been almost 10 months now, and I love my job just as much as I did the first day- if not MORE. I’ve worked on so many diverse projects and learned so much in this short amount of time. This experience is really everything I expected the position to be. I’m definitely more informed on pertinent issues relating to health disparities (particularly access to health care and quality of care) which is very relevant considering my interest in obtaining a masters in public health. All in all, so far so good 🙂

Life after college

The struggle to make new friends was REAL. Many lonely moments but things turned around sometime after the new year. I threw myself into activities I was passionate about- fitness, acting and singing. I’ll talk about the fitness part below. Acting and singing were both activities I got involved with at my church. I was part of the drama ministry in my church while I was in college, so when I moved back to the city, I went right back to it. Singing however, was a new adventure. I joined the choir ministry in March and it’s been such a blessing. Besides those three things, I also checked out okcupid (don’t judge Lol) and really tried to get out and be more social. The transition from college to real world, can be a tough one when you’re separated from your friends, but it gets better with time 🙂


So I realized I haven’t talked about my passion for fitness on here, which is surprising considering how much of a big part of my life it is. Just a brief background though, I was student-athlete up until the first semester of my sophomore year in college. I ran for the women’s track team and cross country. After leaving the sport however, I still continued to nurture my love for fitness. I did three body building contest and continued my gym life style. Earlier this year, I decided to create something new: Fitandfine_withdee. It’s my social media page on instagram that promotes fitness and nutrition. Click here to view it: Fitandfine_withdee. I also created an Afrobeat workout video that received over 1400+ hits on YouTube. Wild right? I’ve got some other things in the works and I’m very excited to see how this project blossoms.

On that note, let me leave you with my workout video. Get your fit on and let me know what you think. Ciao!


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