Slacking = No bueno


So the past few days I’ve been in a rut. Basically loosing my steam with MCAT studying and being very distracted with little things. Maybe it’s the combination of trying to sort out apartment and moving details and just being nervous as a whole about this whole new chapter, but ahhhhh I need to get back on my grind!!! Like ASAP. I started taking MCAT practice exams and am very pleased with the progress I’m making so far. Was supposed to take a third exam yesterday but due to my slacking nature, didn’t want to throw away $35 when I felt like I hadn’t put enough work in. So I’m taking another one on Friday instead. Here’s what I got on my first two MCAT practice exams (ever!)

AAMC #3: 7/ 10/ 6—> 23

AAMC #4: 8/ 10/ 7—> 25

The scores were pretty much on par with what I expected. My weakest section from the beginning had been Biology and my strongest verbal. Still gunning for a 35 though. And if I can keep making improvements like these each exam, it’s definitely possible. Just gotta get past this rut and get into hyper study mode!

As far as post-bac, that’s another issue that has me stressing. Primarily because of a C minus I received in Chemistry 101 my sophomore year- it’s still haunting me!!! Argh! So the dilemma here is that since I’m working full time, I’m limited on the courses I can take. Since I didn’t do well in that class, I have to take it over. Unfortunately, the class is offered during the day, but at the same time, I need to take it over ASAP before applying in June. Grrrrr! I don’t have a solution for this yet and it’s really annoying me. Sigh. And that is why, ladies and gentleman, this journey is all about curve balls.

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