Book Review: “Choosing God’s Best” By Dr. Don Raunikar

Category: Spiritual life – Musings Hey hey!! It's been a while and there are definitely LOTS of updates and writing to do - on coaching my first high school cross country team, my med school app process, and more. As I mentioned in a previous post, waiting for interview invites and decisions can be downright … Continue reading Book Review: “Choosing God’s Best” By Dr. Don Raunikar

My Interview with

Blogging is turning out to be a really interesting experience, I embrace it all. I was recently interviewed by, an admissions consultancy. Although I am not utilizing any consulting services for my application process, their website does have useful tips and advice to guide applicants. In my interview, I discuss my premed journey, my gap … Continue reading My Interview with

Lessons on Cultural Competency: The Nod

I recently stumbled on Dr. Kimberly Manning's blog "Reflections of a Grady Doctor" and found this gem. She recently had her article "The Nod" published in The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA)  - the July 9, 2014 issue. The Nod is a reflection on a common "black-on-black acknowledgment usually given in situations where only a few … Continue reading Lessons on Cultural Competency: The Nod