Moving on up!


Searching for an apartment is both an exciting and draining experience. Sifting through craigslist posts, browsing through websites, sending emails, making several phone calls, yes, it’s pretty much a time consuming experience. But when you finally find the “perfect” place, it’s like yes, VICTORY! And that’s exactly how I felt yesterday. After looking through 6 different apartments (mostly studios), feeling drained and tired, I found a huge one bedroom apartment (~900 ft!), super CHEAP, and just a mile from my new job. Literally wanted to do a happy dance once I walked into the place and saw it was EVERYTHING I could have ever hoped for in an apartment (well besides the carpet, I wanted hardwood floors, but it’s cool ^_^). Very excited about the place. I’ll be moving there in 2 weeks (3 wks to my MCAT!), so hopefully I’ll settle in smoothly with no major interruptions to my studying.

This is all so exciting!!


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