The MATCH Series: Anesthesiology

Hi Everyone!

I have so MANY updates, but if you follow me on social media, you’re already aware. I matched into Anesthesiology AND into my number one residency! God is good y’all! Detailed posts on my application cycle, my MATCH celebration in the midst of COVID-19, and my graduation, all coming soon. But first, I wanted to pop in here and share this event coming up tomorrow. If you are interested in Anesthesiology and would like to know more about the application and MATCH process, or know someone that might be, please tune in for this live chat tomorrow. We’ll be addressing common questions, offering tips and advice, and sharing our perspective. Please share with others as well!

Date: Tomorrow, Tuesday 4/28/2020

Time: 3 PM EST

Location: Black Kids White Coats YouTube Channel

Who: You, others who tune in, and us incoming Anesthesiology Resident Physicians

Black kids chat

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