Spring break in San Diego!

So I wasn’t completely honest in my last post. Another reason I was eagerly looking forward to the end of cardiopulm was…SPRING BREEEEAK! I could see freedom in sight, and the only thing standing in the way was that darn block exam. I also realized I wouldn’t get a “spring break” in March next year, because of Step 1 boards, so I was definitely pumped to do something fun this year. I decided to travel to San Diego, California. It was my weekend to visit my fiance (we’re long distance and typically alternate who’s flying down each month), but it turned out he had medical conferences he was presenting at in San Diego that week. Perfect timing because I FINALLY get to visit the West coast, have a real spring break, AND also see him – winning!

I took a bus down from Columbus to Chicago and then a flight from there to San Diego (because flights were waaaay cheaper from Chicago). Now because every story is never complete without some mishap, I had my share of unfortunate events. My phone got stolen on my way to Chicago, so alas, for the entire spring break, I had no phone. I did have my ipad though (thank God!), so as along as I had wifi (i.e. at a coffee shop) I could communicate. Quite an interesting experience. Liberating not to be tied to my phone but also kinda scary when you’re in a new city and need to use GPS. Fun times haha.

unnamed (1)

San Diego itself was fun! I loved the architecture of the homes and did some sightseeing on my own. I hung out in Balboa park, walked around the museum and zoo area, and soaked in a lot of sun. Of course the weather was GORGEOUS! And I can see why West coasters never want to leave. We also decided to rent a car and drive down to Los Angeles. The rental company ended up giving us a convertible! Say whaaaaaat?! It felt like we won the lottery haha. We drove down to see the Hollywood sign, went to Venice beach, but unfortunately didn’t get to explore a lot more of the city. It was a short visit, so definitely looking forward to visiting Cali again in the future and having a proper tour of L.A. All in all, however, it was a GREAT spring break!


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