Coming out the Bushes


Honestly, in the past few months I’ve wondered whether or not to continue blogging – partially because I’ve been very busy, partially because of laziness, and partially because I’ve been wondering what my “why?” is. I was having this conversation with my fiancé the other day, when literally a few minutes later, I received an email from a reader asking for advice. It had me reflecting – that right there is my WHY. It’s crazy to think it’s been almost 4 years since I started this blog. It was created out of my love for writing and documenting experiences (I’ve been writing in journals for over 15 years) and also out of a need I saw. During my pre-med years, I searched high and low for inspirational blogs – individuals who documented their journey to med school, who maybe had a similar story to mine, a story that wasn’t so straightforward and included the challenges of being a minority in this field (only 2% of physicians in America are black women). Back then, I could barely find any. And most of the few I found, had stopped blogging. So I created Curve Balls and Med School. Today, it’s amazing how many med student blogs, Instagram pages, and YouTube channels exist. It’s awesome and at the same time, lowkey overwhelming. Should I be curating my photos on Instagram, having these perfectly laid out pictures? Should I be aiming for over 10K followers? Should I be looking for sponsors? Should I be finding ways to monetize my passion? I am inspired by fellow social media savvy med students, at the same time, I question the authenticity of some. When I study, my desk isn’t so neat like some portray; learning some topics are very frustrating when my interest is low (truth is, you don’t have to LIKE everything you learn in med school); and life isn’t all jolly jolly *rolls eyes*. All that to say, at this point, I could care less about the aesthetics haha (or I guess I should say that’s not my strength right now Lol). BUT I do notice those that do, get companies asking them to try out a product, give a promo code, advertise etc. And bruuhh, this loan life! I could use some extra coins myself! *Looks sadly at empty wallet*

Ultimately, I’ve decided to keep blogging. I see my blog stats (almost 100,000 views!) and I know some of my content has made a difference in people’s lives. I know my “why”, and that’s really what matters. Hopefully, you all will keep on reading as well. I plan to incorporate more about my personal life and not just school. And my oh my, there’s been a lot of updates!! Peep the fiancé hint 😀


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