Webinar for Med School Applicants

Hey Everyone!

I received an email from the folks at Accepted on an upcoming webinar. The FREE one-hour webinar will talk about the importance of starting the process early, tips to distinguish yourself, and more. Check out the message below for more details:

Follow the yellow brick road…

…to acceptance at your top choice medical school by applying the tips that you’ll learn in Accepted.com’s upcoming webinar, Get Accepted to Medical School in 2016, to your application. You think it’s easy to navigate the road to med school admissions success? Think again! Without a map and some handy tools, it’s easy to get lost!

Webinar details:

  • DATE: Wednesday, December 10, 2014
  • TIME: 5:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM ET

Get the tools you need to start the application process early and get accepted! Register for Get Accepted to Medical School in 2016 now!


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