Fear vs Confidence

I just realized I’ve been doing this all wrong. My approach towards the MCAT has been ALL wrong. Let me explain. So most of the people I know have taken the exam twice, actually everyone I personally know, has taken the exam twice, except for two people. So my drive towards this whole period of studying has been my FEAR of taking the exam a second time. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I just read a friend’s blog on confidence and he pointed out the difference between fear and confidence, which really opened my eyes to my faulty approach. As someone else put it “Fear is the anticipation of a future failure” while “CONFIDENCE is the anticipation of future success.” So instead of being driven by fear, I should instead have a hunger, a deep insatiable hunger for success built on confidence. It should be “I AM going to get a 35, I know it, God said so” Boom! The End. Not “Please God, I don’t want to take this exam a second time, help me do well.” You see the difference there? Why am I worrying about taking it a second time, when my primary goal should be nailing the exam. My confidence should be off the roof! And that sort of confidence and positive thinking is what’s really going to help me retain the information and walk into my exam feeling like a BOSS.

So yep, new approach. Not afraid of this MCAT anymore, conquering the beast, starting RIGHT NOW. I know I’ll nail it. 6 weeks to go baby!

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