Walking on water…it’s possible!

So I am very big on walking by faith and not by sight. What does that mean? It means even though I can’t see something happening, or a situation is bleak, I trust God that HE will do it. I have so many personal examples of how God really HAS been faithful, and how walking by faith is really just the best way to live. But anyway, fast forward to my most recent example. I GOT THE JOB!!!! Yes, I have a full time position as a Clinical Research Coordinator at one of the top hospitals/medical schools in the country, say what?!?! Yep only God. I’ve been speaking my job offer into existence since Day 1. Not because I knew I had the job, but because I KNEW God was in control and He’s got my back. I had to do three separate interviews for the position and each one I walked in with Jeremiah 29:11 on my lips, said it several times before walking in, told myself, He’s in control, and His plan for you is AMAZING. I was so serious about having faith unwavering and believing that God has given me this job, that 1) I stopped applying to jobs after my first of three interviews for this position. 2) Started looking for apartments in the area 3) Registered for post bac classes.

Yea, those post bac classes I mentioned before are part time and were contingent on me getting hired because of the tuition benefits as a full time employee. Welp, now it’s REALLY confirmed!

This is seriously my dream job (before med school), so I’m sooooo hype right now! SO HYPE!  It felt like all the positions I had interviewed for these past couple of months (quite a bit!) all prepared me for this particular interview process, so I just knew in my heart this was IT. I absolutely love the research I’m going to be doing, had a great time speaking with the directors, I liked the other research coordinators, just great all around.

But besides this amazing news, I’ve been going hard with my MCAT studying and trying to stay positive and motivated. Funny enough, instagram has been a great source of encouragement. Just looking at the #MCAT, #Medschool, and #futureMD hashtags and mentions, gets me so pumped. Seeing other students in my shoes, all with the same goal reminds me I’m not alone….even though I’m alone in my room…all day…oh so lonely I might add 😦 But it’s great encouragement.

On that note, I should probably get back to the books. 6 weeks to go! Turn up!!!

On the books of course 😛

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