Webinar for Med School Applicants

Hey Everyone! I received an email from the folks at Accepted on an upcoming webinar. The FREE one-hour webinar will talk about the importance of starting the process early, tips to distinguish yourself, and more. Check out the message below for more details: Follow the yellow brick road… …to acceptance at your top choice medical school by applying the tips … Continue reading Webinar for Med School Applicants

Interview Prep: Webinar

Accepted.com is hosting a free webinar Interviewing with Impact: How to Make an Impression in Your Medical School Interviews Preparation is definitely key to acing medical school interviews, so I would recommend checking this out. Keep in mind the medical school interview checklist: Prepare interesting questions. Do thorough program research. Dress appropriately. Attend Accepted’s upcoming webinar Interviewing … Continue reading Interview Prep: Webinar

When You’re Hoping for A Miracle

Category: Spiritual life – Musings So I'll be honest, I'm trusting God and hoping for a miracle during this application process. Considering the acceptance statistics - you can imagine why. Back in July, I came across Rick Warren's "When you're hoping for a miracle" devotion plan on YouVersion (the bible app) and thought to myself Perfect! Exactly … Continue reading When You’re Hoping for A Miracle

My Interview with Accepted.com

Blogging is turning out to be a really interesting experience, I embrace it all. I was recently interviewed by Accepted.com, an admissions consultancy. Although I am not utilizing any consulting services for my application process, their website does have useful tips and advice to guide applicants. In my interview, I discuss my premed journey, my gap … Continue reading My Interview with Accepted.com

Strategies For Managing The Stress of The Application Process

The medical school application process can be very stressful. In addition to the overwhelming amount of writing - whether it be the personal statement or the flood of secondaries, there are also the "what ifs", feelings of inadequacy, and the loneliness of the process. There is no doubt that the application cycle can be a mental battle of … Continue reading Strategies For Managing The Stress of The Application Process