Appetite is a DRIVER

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9432-medium_man_chasing_hotdog So for yesterday’s service, my pastor talked about “appetite” as a driver. The  message really resonated with me and I figured I’d share some of the takeaways.

 So what is your appetite? It is what drives your decision, attitude, and  mindset. For example, for us on the medical journey, whatever drives our decision  to pursue this medical path (and that varies for each of us), is our appetite. Looking  at Genesis 25:29 – 34, we can see that Esau’s appetite controlled the decision he  made. Here, he was so hungry that he sold his birthright to Jacob; He let his hunger,  his appetite control this enormous decision. This illustrates an important point:

Be careful of the things you love too much; Whatever you have an appetite for, is what you will pursue.

The key point:
  • Your life is determined by your pursuit.
  • Your pursuit is determined by your appetite.
  • Your appetite is fed by what you are exposed to.
Now what you are exposed to is a result of the opportunities you seize or create.
  • If you are hungry for God, you get the real deal
  • If you are hungry for money, you want power
  • If you are hungry for power, you want control
 Your appetite will refine your desire and your appetite determines the flow (Joshua 24:15)

So going forward:
Prioritize God; develop an appetite for God
Monitor environment for opportunities, exposure and association.

****Notes from a Sunday service at Redeem Christian Church of God – Living Spring .
Minister: Pastor Funmi Obilana
Day: June 22, 2014. 

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